Biz Tweeters .. Miss LinkedIn Connections

Are you utilizing the power of Twitter for business?

If you classify yourself as a Twitter business user and are not interconnected with your LinkedIn account you are ignoring a huge revenue stream and quality relationship building profit center. If you value your time and effort spent on Twitter; then invest in yourself and get your LinkedIn account setup properly and connected to twitter.

This is about the equivalent of saying you are in business without even having an internet website.

The “Twitterland” population is increasing everyday; as is the explosion of LinkedIn.

While Twitter is a valuable source for information; also, a popular digital community meeting and marketplace to connect with others; most Twitter members are under-utilizing the power of Twitter as a tool for business. The capacity and power to deliver results driven by leveraging Twitter for your business is realized once implemented into all of your social network portals and key to your larger strategic plan.

The average twitter member uses Twitter to; tweet messages, follow other twitter users, capture the attention of others and gain twitter followers.

As you dive deeper into Twitter soon you will find your screen is a scrolling with jokes, coupons, last minute deals, website links, thoughts for the day, quotes, “what I’m doing right now”, loads of @mentions, #HashTags, on and on…it just never seems to end…oh, and yes; there is spam too.

The team at Twitter is always hard at work creating new features and enhancing the user interface; competing in the climb to the top of social networking fame sake.  Recently being compared to Facebook; Twitter has succeeded in attracting larger market share.


Questions remain though.

Are Twitter business users properly taking advantage of the growing Twitter population?
Are small business tweets effective and utilizing the public presence power it provides to achieve results?

The most common oversight among proclaimed Twitter business users is their lack of connection between LinkedIn and all of LinkedIn’s features; to drive action, attract attention and deliver results. Creating a LinkedIn account and linking it to your Twitter account is a strategic move for business.  LinkedIn allows you to build your Twitter “followers”, create a focused following and allow your tweets to reach larger targeted audiences.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional business member based social networks on the internet.  Your Twitter account feed can appear right on your LinkedIn company page.

What, you do not have a LinkedIn company page?

This is exactly what we are talking about…too busy tweeting as opposed to laying a proper foundation for your online business; then interconnect your accounts for far greater reach in the same effort with a single tweet. LinkedIn provides an easy tool for others to follow your business, both on LinkedIn and on Twitter; with just one click.  Your business tweets are now in front of other business professionals, business owners, CEOs, Startups and other potential target audiences for your company.

LinkedIn recently launched advanced features to their polls & surveys which allow you to ask questions, engage users, acquire customer feedback, collect market data and more.  Tweeting your poll/survey is a great way to get your poll in front of Twitter users.

Get your LinkedIn account up and running and start leveraging the business community it allows you to interact with.

The LinkedIn learning curve is not that great. It may seem a bit foreign at first but soon you will be well on your way in reaping the rewards of getting your Twitter account integrated with your LinkedIn account.

Tweet wisely and encourage your Twitter followers to also create a free LinkedIn account profile.

Use your tweets to add a url link to your new LinkedIn account profile; in 140 characters or less have your followers taking action!  LinkedIn is an enormous professional business social network environment and growing exponentially.

Integrate your Twitter & LinkedIn accounts for stronger business utilization, broader market reach and audience targeting.

If none of this even makes sense to you then maybe we should get you involved in a crash course learning environment to aid you in your business endeavors.

If all this does make sense and you would like to accelerate your business affairs we have a team to assist you to gain faster ground on your competition.

Our team of trainers & consultants are ready when you are…one on one, group workshops and complete business consulting.


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Internet & Social Marketing Workshops


Our Internet & Social Marketing Workshops explore, educate and entertain attendees in the detailed aspects of internet marketing elements. Social Media Marketing presents a tremendous opportunity for individuals and businesses; it is just one of the overall aspects of Internet Marketing items to be concerned with.

We provide real hands on training in our Internet Marketing & Social Media Workshops. We take away the confusion of today’s complicated internet technologies and break each piece down into the parts that make up the whole. Each one of our workshop participants receive classroom materials both printed and digital for continued reference; keep for your personal library or business division.

This is not a pep rally or coffee and doughnuts party….

….but rather an explicit opportunity to come to one of our down to earth internet & social marketing workshops; learn new techniques, access new tools, gain new insights and apply expert knowledge “hands on”. The knowledge we share at our workshops is from world class business insights, real world experience and knowledge leaders.

Who will be in attendance ?

  • Academic & Educational Department Heads
  • Business Owners (Corporate & Small Business)
  • Communication Professionals
  • eCommerce Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Health Care Professions
  • Independent Agents & Freelance Professionals
  • Journalists & Agents
  • Marketing & Advertising Professionals
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Insurance; Agents, Brokers & Representatives
  • Real Estate Professionals (Residential & Commercial)

*Anyone that is seeking to implement, utilize and learn the importance of today’s internet & technological advances will benefit from this Workshop Series. Any company representative that desires to keep their company ahead of the competition this is a must attend workshop. Everyone who is looking to reap the benefits from learning the proper use, strategies and practical application of internet technology, social media environments, promotional programs and integration of other vast marketing elements into their business models will find real long lasting returns; beyond all the hype out there, those who attend will be educated, entertained and enlightened.

Attendee Knowledge Agenda

You will gain a ground level understanding; a “Top-Down” overview of how all the pieces of the puzzle come together. A cohesive view of the “BIG” picture and a detailed behind the scenes guided tour of the inter-workings & inter-relationships of  Social Media Portals. You will also gain expert knowledge well above and beyond the basics. All attendees will be amazed at what they have missed or overlooked in their own operations.


Attendees additional scope of learning:

  • Internet Marketing & Technology – (The Basics)
    • Overview of internet landscapes & associative technologies.
    • Deeper insights into new internet tools & mobile device internet tools.
    • Everything Changes Overnight ..Yet stays the same.
  • Planning & Strategies – (Intermediate/Advanced)
    • Action Step; planning process for creating an internet marketing initiative.
    • Internet website requirements; proper integrations and available options.
    • Knowledge of the critical link between Social Media & Search Engine Ranking.
    • Knowledge of the different categories of social media networks.
    • A solid foundation to build upon. You set one in action at workshop.
  • The Big Picture – Complete Internet Marketing Campaigns – (Expert/Advanced)
    • A strategic internet marketing campaign. We help you outline and build it.
    • Internet Marketing & Other Opportunities in internet land.
    • Promotional Programs & Additional Advertising Avenues out there.
    • Monitoring, Measuring & ROI-(Return on Investment) Metrics Reporting
  • Mobile Device Overview – Usage & Security – (Expert/Advanced)
    • Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Netbooks, Laptops
    • Data Security Concerns, Privacy Concerns, Employee usage Policies
  • Old School Networking
    • Opportunity to share & collaborate with other Attendees, Peers & Professionals.
    • Its a Wrap..but it’s not over.
    • Follow-on Webinar; each Attendee private 45min 1-on-1 to ensure long term goal progress.


What Will I Learn?

Methodology & Concept

We provide a “Top Down” approach to the methodology & concept behind the bigger picture of internet marketing & social media marketing so you can apply real world scenarios for today and tomorrow. Teaching the technology and concepts behind this fast growing business evolution along with the overall push/pull premise behind it all is paramount.

Our Marketing Workshops cover the extensive details but in a manner and approach that allows the workshop attendee to quickly grasp. Once your grasp is firmly brought up to speed we will proceed with the finer details of putting it all into action. We move swiftly through each level. All attendees will be working on the finer details of all aspects of internet marketing. Starting with; defining or re-defining your big picture plan and prioritize the step by step actions you will complete both during and after the workshop.

You will not only have a solid plan and foundation laid out specific to your unique scenario; but, you will also start aligning all of those pieces for faster implementation and results. We make sure no one gets left behind in our teachings. The invaluable take away materials will always be at your immediate disposal. All attendees get a follow-on 1-on-1 webinar coaching  after the workshop to add an extra element of overview and follow through to your area of focus.


Detailed Instruction & Hands on:

We provide you an in-depth, step by step detailed walk thru of internet marketing, proper exposure tactics & the most important elements for creating presence on social network portals.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs-(numerous conceptual), RSS News Feeds and others. We describe the elements and nuances of major social portals; well beyond the basics required to initiate action and integration amongst them.

We teach the latest in-depth details of all the proper basic website, internet & SEO elements that need to be in place for internet marketing campaigns to be properly leveraged for short term and long term success.

We cover additional highly effective internet marketing, promotional and advertising programs. Above and beyond social media portals are many other avenues that should be added to your arsenal for a more concise and complete internet marketing initiative.


Tools, Tips & Automation:

We give you the valuable insights; the latest tools and tips for understanding, developing, deploying and managing your multiple internet presence along with social portal accounts for yourself & your clients.

We teach you the latest shortcuts, strategies & secrets that come only from working knowledge & experience with the fast evolving best practice disciplines.


Secrets & Send Offs:

We will share little insider secrets and tweaks that will give you a competitive edge.

Extensive take home materials packed with the links, tools, binders & vital reference materials that you will use time and time again in your internet marketing endeavors. Many other workshops out there are just glamorous pep rallies that have no real value to the attendees.

So many seminars focus on one specific Social Media element without providing the real world working scenarios and knowledge of how all the underlying elements must interact for a complete internet marketing campaign to succeed. Our internet marketing workshops focus on delivering real world working marketing & technology knowledge; as well as the bigger picture of internet marketing as it is comprised of many puzzle pieces.

Our complete classroom materials are a “take away” bonus; they travel with you upon completion of your workshop course. This compendium of knowledge includes invaluable source materials from global leader companies; their successful implementations and mistakes for you to learn from.

This is not a PowerPoint lecture. This is a highly interactive hands-on workshop where participants actually accomplish everything from strategic foundation building, time-line milestone oriented goals,  tasked based assignments to accomplish for their own respective areas of focused initiatives. You will  make significant inroads into your own areas requiring results based upon a game plan we help you to define and accomplish.


We encourage every attendee to bring your laptop, netbook, tablet, ipad and other to gain the most during the hands on sessions and implementation at the workshop event. We do ask however that all cell phones be silenced so all attendees get full attention to the materials and focus on the presenters.

For a limited time we are offering these “hands-on” internet & social marketing  workshops to professionals who want to gain added insight and working knowledge in this vital business asset arena.

All the best; from everyone at the FMP Media Family of International Companies.

Who will be some of our Main Presenters & Trainers on Hand ? Find them here->

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Internet & Social Media Marketing

  • Your customers may be on your website but are your prospects arriving there?
  • If you could get new customers without having them come to your website, would you care?
  • How about building brand recognition & trust off your website so your conversion rate from your website goes up?

We infuse social media marketing into an online marketing plan

The end result is serious exposure & establishment of your brand in the top social media websites; that currently represents over 40% 50% 60% 75% (it keeps growing) of all Internet traffic.
This also has a two fold affect as it gets our client’s businesses ranked in the top of search engines. It is this unique approach that we integrate for our clientele; we leverage social media marketing to build, expand & mesh marketing channels.


There are many channels that can be used to start this approach.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • HubSpot
  • Google Buzz
  • GroupOn
  • Digg, etc, etc,

There are many diverse social Media Marketing avenues to travel down these days as a more diverse and mobile population have access to touch point on your brand and business identity.
Leveraging the mobile society and their continual interaction through these social media communities leaves huge opportunities available for companies, brands, marketing, advertising and streams of revenue to flow to your business through these social media virtual outlets.
While virtual in nature; the very real physical alignment of social media networks in the real world is track-able to establish (ROI) Return On Investment Statistical Financial models.


For a limited time we are offering workshops to professionals that want to gain added insight and knowledge in this vital business market.

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Search Engine Ranking

FMP Media offers unsurpassed Search Engine Optimization services that place your website in top search engine listings. Coordinating fresh updated content results in unwavering top rankings. Our talented consultants and designers are known for their ability to give websites extensive internet presence and a distinctive identity amidst the numerous competitors’ websites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has completely changed how businesses reach their target audiences through internet marketing. FMP Media’s processes carry out a meticulous multi-phase optimization process that involves regular detailed analysis of your website to improve your page ranking; increasing the online visibility your business needs.

Everyone wants to be on Goggle, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Placing highly on these popular search engines simply translates into a heightened influx of traffic that can convert into elevated revenue market presence & brand notoriety.

In order to succeed at Search Engine Optimization, we hold ourselves to a stringent search engine strategy. With the amount of information available on the internet it is critical that your web design include search engine optimization techniques. Each; word, phrase or reference that is written by our specialized content writing staff delivers top ranking results.

Below is a brief video sharing some of the vital web site traffic tips that are critical for any online endeavor.

For a limited time we are offering workshops to professionals that want to gain added insight and knowledge in this vital business market.

If you wish to learn more about where you can get into one of the hands on workshops.

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We will send you a confirmation email. We will also send you a brief survey to add your special interests into our workshop criteria & pass along to our curriculum development team. You will receive an “Early Bird Appreciation” Discount opportunity if you choose to attend one of the workshops. We look forward to having you in attendance and look forward to your survey answers.

All the best from everyone at the FMP Media Family of International Companies.

Social Media Marketing Workshops

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