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Social Media Training Course Curriculum

Since 1986 we have been providing in-depth training in fast moving technologies, business sectors and specialized teachings. We were one of the first to teach computer publishing in the late 1980’s with the advent of affordable desktop publishing hardware and software. We were also one of the few to teach multimedia authoring, cd-rom production & interactive DVD authoring. Social Media has existed since the advent of the modem, dial-up, compu-serve, bbs, AOL, etc.

Our 9 Global divisions now consult and assist clients with many aspects in today’s technological environments. From IT infrastructures, Data Security Compliance, Email Encryption to marketing and trends in digital delivery. Clouds, Voip, VPN, remote offices etc.

Currently one of our core group course curriculum is focused on social media integrations & marketing.
We always offer our best practice consultant services a-la-cart as we have for over 25+ years now as required by clients.

Social Media Training Course – Basic
Even the most basic of social media training course can encompass hours of material to learn. Our social media consultants will teach your team how to engage in conversation with your brand and/or service communities. Your training can include a single portal community or multiple social media networks; like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, HubSpot and a multitude of other social networks that come and go and traverse the global net-waves. We use best practices in all of our training courses.

Social Media Training Course– Website Presence (Online Touch Points)
Website presence as it pertains to social media integration has now become a full curriculum that can easily encompass 2 weeks of crash course material. Learn how to organize your corporate website/blog for maximum effectiveness. Learn how to set up a viable editorial calendar for your Webmaster, Content Contributors, Authors & Editors.

Social Media Training Course – B2B lead Generation
Lead generation has not changed much in concept since the dawn of its inception; however, social media technology now enables us to use more efficient and diverse tools for instantaneous results.

Every business executive and professional can learn how to identify customers, clients & partners online, social media marketing exposes new prospects, and allows data gathering at an accelerated pace.

Social Media Training Course– Listening, Analysis & Measuring
One of the old adages of wisdom is silence can be golden; so can the amount of knowledge that can be gained from the “Art of Listening”. Social media marketplaces and communities require a proper amount of listening to understand the conversation of clients, consumers, vendors and all other voices in the social media communities.

Our social media consulting team helps you to define, measure, analyze and place actionable metrics into positive action plans. A large part of social media training is learning how to work with and identify the valuable data available for use any many levels within a business.

Social Media Training Course– Policies, Governance & Reputation
The immediate results from hitting the post, submit or send button can leave proverbial ripples in the fabric of any well structured company culture. Never has it been more important to review, revise and update the corporate business human resources binder. So many digital loopholes exist in our communication mechanisms to trip up even the most sound of privacy, policy and practices.

The importance of brands, service; integrity in our business communities & cultures can quickly become diluted or eroded with a mouse-stroke. A formal policy or acceptable use policy should be reviewed and put in motion to help with guidelines in the blurred line between personal communication and corporate; given the easy access to the global network mobile devices; even if the corporate firewall block such intranet or internet traffic or portals.


Specialized focused courses in Social Media & Marketing

Brand & Reputation Awareness Course
Policies, Procedures & Guidelines Course
Professional Practice Course
Corporate Executive Course
Real Estate Agent, Broker & Agency Course
Facebook for Business Course
Twitter for Business
YouTube for Business Course
Analytics, Metrics & Measuring (ROI) Course
Inbound Sales Course
Virtual Online Event Course (Webinars)
HootSuite – Social Media Tools Course
Alterian Metric & Measuring Course
HubSpot Integration Course
General “Top Down” Industry Integrations Course

For an immediate social media & marketing crash course that covers many basic, advanced & specialized areas of this fast evolving industry you can attend one of our upcoming “Hands-on” workshops.

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