Consulting Services

FMP Media takes pride that we are the hired advisers to a variety of businesses in diverse market segments. FMP Media has the resources; qualified consultants equipped with proper tools, expertise and knowledge; that truly sets us apart from all others. Our team is ready to tackle a wide variety of business problems and provide swift solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Strategic consulting; providing insight and perspective on key core issues is one of our main focuses. FMP Media provides highly specialized consulting:

  • Business Management Consulting
  • IT Strategy and Planning (ITSP) Consulting
  • Marketing and Advertising Consulting
  • Public Relations Consulting
  • Chain, Franchises and Retail Stores
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Step Change Process

FMP Media has created a fundamental learning environment for our consultants. The constant learning in our diverse consulting projects keeps our ideas fresh & innovative; presented in an execution plan easily implemented into your time-line. Our staff is universally bright, interesting, hardworking and motivated. You will enjoy working with us.