Document Management

Document, image & forms processing; automated information management and shared access systems can save hours of valuable time. Empower your employees, and ease your clients and customers needs with a consistent knowledge distribution and feedback mechanism.

FMP Media/Networks will assist you in developing a Document Management Strategy Plan to help streamline your document processing and create a seamless working environment.

FMP Media/Networks has a long history of assisting our clients with developing a Document Management System that works for them.

FMP Solutions for digital document storage & handling.

  • Forms Processing (Creation, Conversion, Filling)
  • Digital & Paper Conversion Processing
  • Information Archival Automation
  • Image Capture/Storage (X-Rays, Photographs, Film Positive/Negative)
  • Shared Document Environments
  • Document Intensive Environments
  • Secure Document Distribution
  • OCR / Language Conversions