Security & Protection Services

Security is vital in today’s information intensive environments. Securing your data, network, remote and physical premises are key to deterring the detriments that insecure operations can cause. Daily encrypted backup is a priority. Traffic filtering for malicious code and intrusion detection should be standard practice if you are connected to any network.
A breach in any mission critical business operation process area can be costly.

FMP Media utilizes various techniques and systems to implement a range of security to protect your business’s integrity.

  • Firewalled Network Access Points
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Network Security & Encrypted Data Transmission
  • Email Filtering & Encryption
  • Backup Encrypted Data Storage
  • Mobile Device Lock-Down
  • Server & Workstation Restrictions
  • Fault Tolerant Power Supplies
  • Fault Tolerant Raid Data Drives
  • Physical Premise and Structural Access Points
  • Asset Protection & Privacy Guidelines

FMP Media/Networks places prevention and planned protection as the critical element in the ability for a business to avoid costly downtime. Business Data can be damaged with something as simple as a unplanned power outage. Data being accessed or transferred; open files and database records can all be damaged if they are interrupted or come to a halt due to a power failure. Servers, routers, switches, workstations, internet devices are key points of failure. Operating systems are vulnerable to file system corruption and hard drive failures. Failure is eminent; just of question of where and when; FMP Media/Networks has solutions to get you up and running again after such an event. Where is your key business data? Are you protected ?