Recently, Facebook overtook MySpace and the rest of its competitors to become the biggest social networking platform online today. If you’re reading this, the chances are that you and most of the people you know have a Facebook account. Because it is such an enormous social network, Facebook is becoming increasingly important to business.
Facebook’s greatest potential for business is in the areas of social marketing and business networking.

Our experts, consultants and workshops assist you getting started using Facebook as a tool for social marketing and business networking. Leveraging Facebook for business networking is perhaps the most obvious business use of the social networking tool.

Because Facebook lets you explore your contacts’ networks, you will be able to find new contacts – whether business experts, new supplies, or potential employees or employers. With a great profile page, you can attract interest without even having to be online.

Facebook works best as a complement to your other business networking activities. As the recession starts to impact on companies’ marketing budgets, more and more businesses are looking at the possibilities of social marketing to communicate with and expand their customer base. Facebook has incredible potential as a social marketing tool. This is because of the sheer size of the community, and because of the functionality that Facebook offers in terms of identifying the interests and geographical locations of your contacts.

There are great opportunities for businesses to engage with thousands of customers at a personal level.