The best use for LinkedIn’s social portal platform builds on your role within a company.

If I’m a sales account manager or a VP of sales, I’m going to do my best to find customers or potential customers in my region. I can find a search by geography, by company title, I can walk through the connections of my existing customers and find out the people that they know. It is really a public gold mine, a public database of potential revenue.

If I’m a marketing person, I might want to find out what press are looking at my industry, what people kind of directly reach out to so I could have a one-to-one connection, so that the next time I bring them a story they’ll be willing to take it.

If I’m a CEO, I want to find out opportunities with other CEOs where we can do business together, where I can have more public speaking opportunities.

LinkedIn is really whatever you make of it.

If you have 20 minutes a day to work on LinkedIn, focus on the right thing that’s going to benefit you as an individual and you as the company to have direct impact on your revenue.

Your LinkedIn Profile is the very, first and foremost impression someone’s going to have of you. It needs to be precise, it needs to be concise, it needs to be comprehensive. They need to take one snapshot of that profile and say this is somebody I can do business with, this is somebody that is like me, this is somebody who knows what he’s talking about. So you need to give a little bit more thought than just slapping a few bits of info into your profile and other areas.


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