ROI Metrics & Measuring

ROI Tools & Metric Measuring

Business intelligence is needed that provides visibility into social media and lets you tap into a new kind of data resource; your customers’ direct thoughts and opinions. Tools are needed to easily capture and analyze data from social media channels to monitor your brands, identify key communities and influencers, address customer service issues, and generate new sales leads.

Your content needs the ability to be sourced from a variety of providers as well as from other collectors.

Social Media ROI Metric Measuring & Monitoring Tools

Utilizing the proper tools you can now drill down and interact live with a multitude of Social Media Portals.

  • Blogs (LiveJournal, TypePad)
  • Message Boards and Forums
  • Microblogs (Twitter, Plurk,
  • Wikis (sites that allow the public to make changes & updates)
  • Video and Photsharing (YouTube, Flickr)
  • Social Network (Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Classified Sites (Craigslist)
  • Review Sites (ePinions)

If your organization values your customer relationships and wants a deeper understanding of how they interact with your brand, service, product or channel..then you need to invest in proper ROI social network monitoring tools.

The wealth of data and insight you will uncover will astonish you.

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